About ‘Satyanveshee’!

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I got awarded with my individuality on the day I was born. It further got enhanced with me getting a name ‘Gopal‘ from my mother. This name coming out from a mother has to reflect love and ‘Vatsalya‘ which is why ‘Gopal‘. My father, like any father would wish for his child to be a strong character who can win the world, did his bit to provide me a strong name to start with – ‘Shailendra‘. It is the name for Himalaya or Lord Shiva.

The name ‘Shailendra Mishra‘ coming from my father got registered while my school admission and so remained my legal name for the world.

For this blog I have called myself ‘Satyanveshee‘ (idea was to spell ‘Satyanveshi‘ but it was reserved), which means the one who does Satyaanveshan – search and analysis of Satya (Truth). I have so far not recognized myself with this name, may be because the other names have got too strong imprint on my mind or because I am yet to prove to myself that I did any bit of Satyaanveshan.


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  1. citybanjaran says:

    Searching for truth is a constant and eternal journey. You will be in an illusion and delusion many times that you have found it. But the moment you realize that you have found one, get ready for another journey as your path will itself pull you for another ride.

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    1. satyanveshee says:

      So true! Ashtavakra once during a शास्त्रार्थ told, if one claims to have reached or understood truth, it is a sign of he hasn’t.

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